Airfield Weather

Airfield Status

Grass Runway (South Side)  -  OPEN

Grass Runway (north Side -OPEN

AstroTurf Runway(430m) -OPEN

Southern Taxiway - OPEN

Northern Taxiway - OPEN

Heli Zone - OPEN

Grass Parking - OPEN


EGHN Sandown

Sandown Airport is a friendly and busy airport based on the stunning Isle of Wight.


The Airport stands out from the rest by offering a huge range of events all summer and regular live music.


AVGAS Fuel is available as well as runway lighting (on request).


EGHN Sandown operated under a Certificate of Agreement with UK Border force allowing international traffic arrivals and departures.  Please ensure you submit your GAR to UK Border Force and file a flight plan.


Whilst we do not require PPR in the dry summer months, its important to keep an eye on our website to see airport status information. From Oct – March, we do suggest giving us a call before flying in to get the latest safety information.

Our Tower is manned by a team of Volunteers. We try to have it manned as much as possible however, if you do not receive a reply from Sandown Radio (119.280) please make Blind Calls to Sandown Traffic.

Isle of Wight Airport Sandown (ICAO: EGHN) is located 1nm (1.9km; 1.2mi) west of Sandown town

The runway is 05/23, which is 884m x 40m and has a grass surface. The airfield elevation is 55′ amsl

Circuits are flown at 1000′ agl. Circuit direction is left hand for runway 05 & right hand for runway 23

Our tower call sign is ‘Sandown Radio’ on frequency 119.280MHz.


Landing Fees

Landing Fees – Inclusive of VAT

Microlight £12.00

Gyrocopter £12.00

Single Engine (up to 1200kgs MTOW) £20.00

Single Engine (up to 2000kgs MTOW) £23.00

Twin Engine £30.00

Helicopter £27.00

Motor Glider £22.00

Touch & Go 50% of applicable landing fee

Touch & Go Hourly (or part thereof) £25.00

Overnight Parking – £12per night

Camping £6per person per night - £5

Commercial Landings £85

Heli NATO T Lights - £120

Full Runway Light Deployment - £420


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Local Information

Please do not overfly Sandown, Lake, Shanklin or any other residential areas (excluding low powered crosswind joins)

We have very good neighbours and, for noise abatement reasons, departing traffic is requested to fly straight ahead for 1nm before turning on both runway 05 and runway 23

Sandown Airfield Ltd registred in England number 09928225. Isle of Wight Airport Tower, Scotchells Brook Lane, PO36 0JP

Tel: 01983 716926 Email: manager@eghn.org.uk